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Quails Gate Estate Winery

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Anyone can talk big, here are some projects that I have accomplished individually as well working in a team orientated setting


All starting with the researching of helpdesk solutions available to the market. After a comparison of features such as remote connectivity, ticketing organization, agent monitoring software and the all famous "Cost evaluation"


I had decided to implement and cutomize Sysaid to suite the requirments of Quails Gate Estate Winery and the compaines under its support. We are currently fully deployed in two diffrent companies with an intrest from our Properites Servcices departments who wants to start usuing our software to manage and tract there isssues and assets!





A Non-profit organization called Skills Competences Canada was contacted By BCIT to design and implement a network solution for other vendors who would be holding trade competitions.


This involved multiple Cisco PIX firewalls with switches containing both a public network and a secured "Judging only" portion so that marks could be inserted into a centralized server.


Only 12 students were selected  by BCIT to be part of this project looking for academically strong background and a personality that would represent BCIT


Migration project involving moving a Windows 2003 SBS enviroment to a Windows Enterprise Server 2012 On to a Virtualized VMware Host. Consolidating the Help Desk, Anti-Virus, Email and the required servers for a Domain enviroment on a single physical host.


Next park of the project is to have the server replicating to a Secondary site accross a VPN to an exact running replica of the live server. Providing us with limited down time for the future! 

Creating a funtional front end and configuring the back end to preform the required services to run a resturant. A software program called H&L which had been designed for the Wine industry and been full integrated from stock transfering from physical locations to dealing with POS in the resturant and wine shop all the way through the the accounting software in the office.


This gives us a fine grain controlled look at Who, What, Where and When products have been used leaving people accountable for there workplace actions 

Multi-Server Virtualization

Quails Gate Estate Winery

West Kelowna, BC

Point Of Sale with H&L