I Can Perform Many Services...
Being educated in different technologies can give you the understanding of the systems but what are they all for? 
The Majority ofIT professionals don’t understand (or have the interest in knowing) that IT is here to support the business, not the other way around.
Strategy & Organization


Productivity and organization go hand in hand. During my contract at Quails Gate I was tasked with setting a Help Desk software of my choosing


SysAid had the ability to not only manage support Tickets but the changes and past events of every asset/device within our domain


Cellular support


Working as Simply Computing they quickly discovered I had an interest in repairing not only the Mac computers but wasn’t afraid to get into an iPhone


Changing damaged screens, shattered back plates, worn-out audio jacks and buttons even salvaging a good percentage of water damaged phones


Cell Phone Repair




Your company’s uptime is crucial to its survival. Whether it be a start-up looking for advice on the basic setup and configuration


Even if you have a pre-established network and Are looking to optimize the current state of end user systems, Servers and Networks. High availability and productivity are where I can assist

Network Administration


Networking Services


It’s funny how we seldom remember how vital our network connection is to our day to day use of the computer. Email, banking and browsing your favorite news site all rely upon a robust networking infrastructure


Having experience working on systems like Integrated Service Routers in the home to mission critical Cisco and HP Routers, Switches and Firewalls including wireless and VoIP components can be a desired asset when troubleshooting any computer related system

Murphy ’s Law


Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time and having someone with technical knowledge locally available surpasses any 1-800 support line


With the help of Remote Desktop services, help can be had any time or place when you need it most


Computer Repair


Everything from repairing failed hardware to simply upgrading with the optimal required parts for your computers specific needs


Although sometimes all you need to speed up that only computer is to clean up and remove Viruses, Trojan’s, Malware and everything in between. This can bring your system speed back to its younger glory